Women's March

As many of you know, this past weekend marked a year since women, and supportive men, all around the country, took to the streets to protest against Trump and to protest for feminism. As much as this whole movement inspires me, I’m having such a hard time sitting down to write about it. I don’t know if it’s stemmed from some sort of subconscious guilt from feeling like I haven’t done enough to help with this cause, but I do know I won’t let that stop me from spreading the word on this positive movement, because letting the guilt of not having done enough in the past stop you from doing something now, is the shittiest excuse out there. It’s never too late to jump on the band wagon thats riding in the right direction. I left work this Sunday a bit past 10 in the morning after working an overnight shift. I went home, showered, made myself my special vegan banana smoothie that I love, grabbed by camera and my mom and headed to MANA Wynwood, where people in Miami were gathering for the Women’s March. After some time of struggling to find parking, my mom was getting discouraged to continue searching. As we kept getting further away from the event while looking for a spot, she was on the verge of saying she didn’t want to go anymore. I decided to do one last lap around really close to the entrance of where the crowd was gathered, and of course, that last bit of effort right before giving up was all it took to get lucky. We didn’t even have to pay, whether it was legal or not, thats beside the point :P We started making our way in towards the crowd, and before we were even in it, I realized I had a huge knot in my throat, tears in my eyes, and goosebumps all over my body. The energy was overwhelming. The passion and devotion of the people present was invigorating. I looked over to my mom who was initially only tagging along to accompany me, and I saw in her eyes the same emotions that had taken over me. With her voice breaking she said, “oh my god… this is incredible. I’m so glad we came.” I knew we couldn’t stay long, so I made my way through the crowed, reading people’s signs, making eye contact with those devoting their time and effort into making a difference, smiling at those who are as hopeful as me for our future as a country and as a society, and photographing the people who are helping shape our world. I saw little girls with their fathers, teenagers with their friends, grandparents with their grand children, families with their babies, elderly couples, younger couples, black, white and brown, all gathering for love. For justice. For equality. For peace. I heard courageous people share their poems, their pain, their struggles and their optimism. And while some may be asking what good does this really do, it proves that there are people out there with their hearts in the right place and their minds set on making a positive change. People who won’t allow a hateful man dim their light. People who really believe love trumps hate, and won’t give up until it happens. People who really believe they can change the world, because they know,  those are the ones who actually do. If you feel you haven’t done enough to contribute to this movement, let this be your sign to start, from wherever you are, with whatever ideas you have, let this be it. We often think with small minds, believing we’re just one person and what good can one person do, but you’re not just one. There’s a whole bunch of us out there and any time any positive change has come, it’s been from a group of people who believed in their power and in the power of positivity. You can start by registering to vote, and from there, whenever you don’t know what to do, GOOGLE! Cause letting not knowing what to do stop you from doing something, is also a pretty shitty excuse ;)